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2018 LS XR Compact Tractor

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Compact or Sub-Compact?

You need a solid, reliable tractor that can perform every job at peak performance, which is why you should check out LS Tractors at Alvin Equipment Co. There are two main types of LS tractors to choose from, compact or sub-compact. We’ve gathered the basics on both.

Compact 4-wheel drive tractors range from 25 to 55 HP and come with fuel-efficient engines for an unmatched level of performance and maneuverability. You’ll enjoy lower emissions, noise levels, and vibrations. Choose the chassis size that you find suitable for your needs. Compact tractors are designed for landowners, small farmers, and commercial users. Every model includes many more features for a much lower price than you’ll find with other competitors.

Sub-compact 4-wheel drive tractors range from 22 to 25 HP. These tractors also feature fuel-efficient engines plus 2 range hydrostatic transmission. When you have to maneuver in tight, limited spaces, the sub-compact chassis will definitely come in handy. You’ll also be pleased with the front end loader, mid-mount mower, and backhoe. All of these features can be attached to your tractor at the same time! Versatility has never been better. Sub-compact tractors are designed for small landowners, commercial users, and horse stall owners.

LS Tractor

LS XG3140H-40HP

You’ll find all you want and more in the compact LS XG3140H-40HP. Some of the amazing features include standard tilt and power steering, independent PTO, dual pedal 3 range HST, standard foldable ROPS, and much more. This model also has a large fuel tank for longer operation times, a standard rubber mat to reduce noise and vibration, an adjustable seat with seatbelt for optimal safety and comfort.

LS Tractor

LS XR4140C-40HP

There are some tractors that just can’t be beaten, like the compact LS XR4140C-40HP. Customers enjoy a roomy cab with side mirrors, a front washer and wiper, interior lighting, AC and heat, a flat platform, and a rubber mat. You’ll feel right at home inside this compact tractor. The side-mounted main gear lever saves space and makes getting on and off the tractor a breeze because there’s no straddling involved. Don’t forget the extendable lower links, 3-point hitch, and easy open one-piece hood.

LS Tractor

LS MT122-21.5HP

The LS MT122-21.5HP is the sub-compact tractor you’ve been looking for. A few of the awesome features include the PTO selector switch, easy mowing height adjustment, a toolbox for convenient and handy storage, ergonomic 3-point hitch controls, and standard hydrostatic power steering. Attachments include the front end loader with grill guard, backhoe, and mid-mount mower. You won’t find a better sub-compact tractor.

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